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Testimonials - Facial Plastic Surgery


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“I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Park for cosmetic surgery.  I have, in fact, volunteered to speak with any prospective patient who is considering plastic surgery by Dr. Park. Dr. Park and his staff displayed the utmost professionalism, and my results were even better than I had anticipated.  It has now been over ten years and I am still pleased with the results.  I feel most fortunate that I chose Dr. Park and continue to recommend him highly.”  Bunny Sheppard (Charlottesville)

“Dr. Park saved my life. Having suffered breathing issues after a surgery gone wrong by another physician, Dr. Park rebuilt my nose. It is a tremendous relief every day in my renewed ability to breathe. He and his staff of nurses, residents and Dee were very kind and still are as I continue care periodically throughout the year. I would recommend him to anyone in need of nasal surgery.”   Michael Peterson (Chicago & Las Vegas)

“There was no other choice for me. My husband is an ENT doctor and had always heard through the medical grapevine that Dr. Park is simply the best there is in Virginia. From the first phone call to the  post-op follow up visits I was treated with respect and kindness. Dr. Park’s OR coordinator was easy to talk to and very flexible with the scheduling. Upon my very first visit, Dr. Park listened to my expectations and desires then patiently gave his expert advise. He requested a quick visit before my pre-op visit just to be sure I was still confident about my decision.

On the day of surgery I was greeted by a caring and friendly staff. I am claustrophobic but the staff made sure I was comfortable while I awaited the trip to the OR, which I can hardly recall. Waking up after the procedure I looked into a smiling face telling me everything went very smoothly. Once back in my room the nurse quickly gave me some medicine for my nausea and kept me till I felt well enough to be driven home. I was so grateful no one rushed me out !

My pain and bruising were minimal.

I am so very happy I finally had this procedure and my husband is right, Dr. Park is an excellent facial plastic surgeon and a very calm and caring man. I would highly recommend him and his wonderful staff to all who are interested!”   Lois H.  (Roanoke, VA)

I am very please to recommend Dr. Park to any one in need of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Park operated on me several times. The first one was over 10 years ago when I had a face lift. I was very well taken care of by his team and healed very fast and without pain. To this day, I am very satisfied with the results and I surely look practically 15/20 years than my age. I developed a skin cancer about 5 years ago and my surgeon/dermatologist removed a large part of the skin and tissue on my forehead. Dr. Park reconstructed the huge hole I had, and today, no one could ever imagine I was so disfigured after the cancer removal. Dr Park also lifted my eyelids and I recuperated very fast and very well. I know Dr. Park and his department have always given me the best of care, and I love the way I look, and I highly recommend him as the best cosmetic surgeon in Virginia.  Daniele V. (Charlottesville, VA)

As one who has never submitted a review on anyone or anything, I feel compelled to share my experience with Dr. Jared Christophel at UVa. I went in hoping botox and fillers would perk up this 66 year old face and I am so very pleased with the results.  Dr. Christophel was professional and genuinely kind. He was careful not to overdo which is probably more important than doing too little.  He told me what to expect as far as downtime, and what to do if a specific situation occurred- basically a hard spot  needing to be massaged to disperse the product. The results are better than I hoped for.  My face is softer and fuller, and I probably look at least 5 years younger.  The only people that know are the ones I have told.  Other people tend to think I have a new haircut or am wearing something very becoming, but the common thread is “Your skin is beautiful.” I have actually told a couple of friends because they were trying to figure out what serums or creams I was using to get this effect, and I couldn’t let them think that there were products out there that would give them this result.  Dr. Christophel is a student of faces and an artist. Martha A. (Charlottesville, VA)


At age 57, I was informed that I had an invasive cancer on my nose. When the basal cell cancer was removed, the resulting wound consumed most of the side of my nose and half my cheek. It was horrifying. Everyone assured me that Dr. Park was an artist who would restore my face. After only four months, it is almost impossible to tell that I ever had reconstructive surgery. Not only is Dr. Park an expert surgeon, but he has always been available by e-mail and has responded quickly to every question I have asked. Additionally, the entire surgical staff at UVa has been compassionate and skilled. I would recommend Dr. Park and his team highly.  Maggie W. (Stuarts Draft, VA)

“I’m one of the many that flew all the way across the globe to see Dr. Park for what he’s best known for – forehead rotation flap.

I have seen numerous so-called “best / top in the field” cosmetic surgeons across APAC a year after my nose was ruined by a tragic accident. Except for spending tons of unnecessary money flying all over the places to see them, taking the minimal effect treatments and being asked by almost every one of them to “wait and see”, no one was confident enough to suggest a plastic revision to my case, until Dr. Park’s name was brought up in a conversation with my current local doctor. He said a lot of great things about Dr. Park and shared a number of successful cases he has seen that Dr. Park did. To sum it up, I’ll quote this which he literally said, having the revision surgery done by Dr. Park is “basically the best money can buy” for my situation.

The rest is just like what others said which I will only agree and cannot agree more. If there is anything other than him being kind and approachable and easy to talk to and gentle and funny and bubbly which everyone can tell you, I would say he really treats his patient like family. I’m not just saying it or being polite… I don’t know if anyone else has been treated more nicely than this by their doctors, I had never before. Needless to say, Dr. Park literally saved my life coz I can look and live like a normal person again with the fact that he closed all the operated areas so PERFECTLY.

By the way, I’m a very lazy person who wouldn’t write long testimonials like this and almost turned it into a thank him letter. But he’s all worth it. God bless him, his very friendly team and every one of you who’s reading this.” Ginelle C. (Hong Kong)