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Otoplasty - Facial Plastic Surgery


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 Call our office promptly if:
You have increasing pain after the first 24 hours following surgery
You have a temperature elevation over 100 degrees
The dressing shifts or falls off
The ear is injured after the dressing is removed, if there Is any increasing pain or change in the shape of the ear.
If any of the above should occur after regular office hours, the on-call otolaryngologist can be reached via the University’s paging operator at 434-924-0000.
What Can I Expect?
Following surgery, a bulky bandage will be wrapped around the head, covering the ears.

Associated with this, there will be a fair amount of pressure.

A mild amount of pain and discomfort will also be associated with surgery. This can be easily managed with oral medications following surgery, as prescribed by your doctor. Most children require only plain Tylenol, and Tylenol with Codeine for adults is always sufficient.
The discomfort should begin decreasing within 48 hours of surgery and an increase in pain following that requires that you contact your surgeon.
Hairstyling and shampooing are a problem following surgery until the dressings are removed. A dry shampoo is permissible, but getting the hair wet is not recommended until the dressing is removed.
How Do I Care For Myself After Surgery?
Leave the dressing over the ears undisturbed
Take antibiotics and pain medications as prescribed by your surgeon
One week following surgery, the dressings and sutures will be removed
Often for children, the sutures dissolve spontaneously
For an additional three weeks after surgery, a light supportive elastic band over the ears is worn at night to prevent inadvertent injury to the ears
Sleep with the head elevated for the first 24·48 hours
Heat and ice in the first 3 days after surgery are impractical as the bulky dressings will prevent their use.
Recovery Timetable
These are approximate recovery otoplasty guidelines:

DAY 1 – Return Home

DAYS  1-2 – Aching, throbbing

DAYS  3-6- Bandage off; stitches out or dissolve